1. (Latin, verb) : To make square

Quadrare is all about “Making Things Square”

Managing large sets of information about customers and employees can be challenging.

It becomes especially challenging when automated systems and vendor implementations promote multiple records for the same person.

Yet, being able to accurately track individuals across time and product categories is vitally important in engaging and re-engaging your guests.

That’s where Quadrare for RTP, built on the Quadrare Engine, shines.


The Quadrare Engine performs deep analyses to identify duplicate customer and employee records.

The Quadrare Engine handles fuzzy logic such as name misspellings, corrections, inversions and nicknames.

It also handles parent-child duplicate names, name change through marriage and other scenarios.

The result is a percentage confidence level assigned to each potential match.


Quadrare enables users to filter, sort and view results in a multitude of ways, all with the goal of identifying the most likely duplicates within the least amount of clutter.

Quadrare offers drill-down capabilities to determine when and by whom records were created and why they are considered a match.

Results can be viewed within Quadrare or exported for manipulation in Microsoft Excel and other tools.

The outcome is that potential duplicates can be quickly and easily aggregated into named result sets such as “99% – good to go,” “summer clean-up” and “for further review.”


Result sets are custom tailored for importation into RTP’s bulk merge facility.

RTP’s merge facility reads the result set, merging all related records and producing output regarding the merge status.

For those situations where manual entry is preferred, result sets can be exported or printed.

Quickly | Easily | Accurately – Quadrare enables you to effectively identify and act upon merge candidates.