ProCard announces enhanced communications management tools for snowsports schools for Spring 2024!

Managing communications for a large staff, often spread across multiple product zones or locations, can be a challenge. Vert Solutions has developed a solution that allows supervisors, managers and trainers to send and track emails to subsets of instructors based on product zone, daily schedule, location, employment status, and more. All ProCard emails are tracked within our browser-based platform, allowing supervisor teams to confirm what information has been distributed to whom, by whom, and when it was delivered.

“The new ProCard email function is the best way to get a hold of everyone scheduled for the day,” says Greg Meisner, Adult Lesson Manager at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Supervisors at the Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School have quickly adopted this tool to manage staff as business volumes ebb and flow throughout the season. With a few quick clicks, sups can effortlessly reach out to all instructors scheduled for time off on a particular day, allowing sales staff to continue accepting bookings while more instructors are quickly brought in for lineup. If guest numbers unexpectedly drop off on a particular day, a supervisor can email staff on their lineup to offer that day off or suggest training opportunities instead.

Speaking of training, clinic management has become easier with enhanced communications, too! Trainers and training managers may send targeted communications to anyone registered or waitlisted for a specific clinic. If a meeting location changes on short notice, or if a trainer wants to distribute an online resource before a clinic, all it takes is a couple of taps to get the word out. Training managers may also enable automated emails to alert a waitlisted instructor who is moved onto a clinic roster.

Sales teams have adopted Vert’s email templates for some guest communications as well, such as automated confirmations when an instructor books a returning client. This tool also provides a useful way to contact guests based on product type. Seasonal programs generate a substantial portion of off-peak period business, with snowsports schools often running numerous programs simultaneously. ProCard now gives managers the means to contact seasonal program guests with customized information tailored to each program.

Managers have access to an email dashboard to track emails that bounce, and can confirm whether a recipient has viewed a communication. Managers can easily pull up large subsets or all staff to send out general employee communications in this fashion, too. Everything is fully accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile device so managers can effortlessly communicate from both the office and out on the snow. We look forward to hearing from our clients how this new feature improves operational efficiencies as well as the guest experience.

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