Launching! ProCard’s Flight Board has become an indispensable tool for managing lesson departures with ease.

It’s a busy holiday morning, with a fresh foot of snow. Hundreds of guests have flocked to the mountain, eager to check in for their lesson and get out on the slopes with their instructor. But before taking flight, logistics must get sorted. Snowsports supervisors must check in each guest, assess their needs, and determine the best instructor fit. Everyone must be accounted for prior to departure. With multiple meeting locations and lesson levels, this process can be daunting.

Enter Flight Board.

ProCard’s latest feature, Flight Board, has quickly become indispensable to snowsports teams since launching in late 2023. Think of each board as its own airport terminal, from which numerous lessons will depart. A board displays guests side-by-side with all instructors available for that particular flight pattern in real time. Snowsports schools have full control to customize their boards to align with various meeting locations, disciplines, product lines and inventory pools.

Flight Board simplifies lesson assignments both in advance and on the spot during check-in. When supervisors assign lesson levels and class lists before line-up, assignments automatically flow through to instructors’ schedules. Staff can anticipate what their upcoming work day will look like, and prepare accordingly. Reassigning instructors and adding guests on the fly is a breeze, too, even when done in a snowstorm outside at check-in. Fully mobile-friendly, Flight Board works seamlessly via tablet or smartphone just as well as in the office. All updates are reflected in real time across all user devices, so multiple supervisors can work in lockstep to get everyone out on snow and accounted for.


“​In the hands of our frontline youth supervisors, Flight Board streamlined the check in process, reducing parent wait time, lowering instructor anxiety about class size and compatibility and- best of all-  allowing more time on the hill with their buddies for the students,” said Lexey Wauters, Assistant Director of the Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School. Her supervisor staff quickly adopted the intuitive new tool. “We love it!” Wauters exclaimed.

Flight Board has opened up a whole new way for supervisors to operate, with direct positive impact on the guest experience. We look forward to sharing more about this exciting new feature, including how it streamlines instructor pay, in future newsletters!

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